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The Scion survived because they were able to quickly adapt their knowledge of photovoltaics and biology for the specific purpose of producing oxygen. As opposed to the other confederations, the Scion never went through a phase of free-for-all fighting for survival. For this reason, they have maintained a more civil and respectful manner with each other than can be observed in the other confederations, and have a healthier balance within their government and military. In a relatively peaceful migration, they moved to their preferred area of settlement near the surface of the ocean.

The Scion have managed to plant subaqueous forests and fields and have attained the best living conditions. While the Nauts and Jafnhar have gotten used to a life with artificial light amidst surroundings made of plastic and metal, the Scion have designed their living areas much as they were on the surface. Since very few Nauts and Jafnhar have ever set foot on the Scion bases, there are wild rumors about their subaquatic parks.

The Scion come from a scientific environment and inherited their unprejudiced New Age religious views from the lost state of California. A former Scion leader forged an alternative religion from the myths prevalent at that time and which, over the years, took on a life of their own and were taken more and more seriously, partly as a trend, and partly due to a lack of viable alternatives. The motivational effects of visualization and meditation were as critically needed after the Final Continental War as oxygen in order to lead mankind successfully through the battle for survival. Over time, they developed the firm belief that they descended from King Arthur's Knights of the Round Table, the Celts or the ancient Greeks.

The first settlement of the Scion, Amris, was the first underwater battlefield after the Final Continental War. Nauts as well as Jafnhar attacked Amris with the intention of subjugating it. This is the source of the frequent self-righteous destructive wave of the Scion in battle and the reason they give priority to a strong defensive strategy. They have no delusions of grandeur with one exception: the elimination of the Jafnhars' Parazon generators.